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I drew two random lots

Remember when I said I wanted to write some random genre of story? As an exercise? Well, last night, I wrote on random slips of paper, shut my eyes and picked two pieces.

And wouldn’t you know it, I picked Romance (Shoujo) and Drama.


The challenges I will set myself will be:

1) Follow SOME of the usual unwritten rules of a Shoujo manga.

2) Alter some stereotypes shown in Shoujo manga.

3) DO NOT base this story in Japan.

4) Avoid the high school setting. High school should not be the focal setting.

5) Avoid using extreme dramatic quips (i.e. “I slept with him to get back at her”, “He cheated on me with my best friend”, “he’s my boss, but I want to sleep with him”, “I’m pregnant”, “I’m your father”, “I’m your best friend’s father”, “I’m your long lost child”, “Ex-Wife smash”, etc.)

I will be busting up some gender roles, but not too much because I do want to story to be natural instead of having a group of deviants. I’m also going to try to make these people multi-level instead of one/two sided.

I have most of my cast.

Time to write!